Cairns Aug 26 - 6:00pm
Sabres 7
Cardinals 3
Mocon - Martensville Aug 25 - 8:00pm
Thunder 14
Rangers 12

Cairns Aug 23 - 9:00pm
Rangers 3
Thunder 2
Cairns Aug 22 - 9:00pm
Cardinals 2
Sabres 15

Cairns Aug 21 - 9:00pm
Thunder 4
Rangers 2
Cairns Aug 21 - 6:00pm
Sabres 5
Cardinals 6
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Mike Henschel - posted: 09/19/2022
    Sask Smoke is a brand new mens slo-pitch team that will be having open tryouts Oct 1st @ Reid park in Saskatoon.
    Get registered in advance to attend. Registration info is on our Facebook page “Saskatchewan Smoke Slo-Pitch”.
    The Goal of Sask Smoke to build a team with the right mindset and attitude. A team first approach with positive, supportive attitudes is the most important part of what were are looking for. We believe that a team with the right mindset and approach to the game will build toward future success. We also believe that this team will be a positive example to help push towards positive change on how teams are built. We are hoping that having open tryouts to all players and giving everyone equal opportunity to showcase what they have to offer will help find some unsung heroes, some diamonds in the rough and also help give deserving players opportunities that they may have been overlooked for in the past. We also believe this will help give players something to strive for in the future. Help give more rec players reasons to push themselves to improve and play up divisions to see what they can achieve throughout their career. Overall we hope to leave a lasting positive impact of the way the game is played in our province.

    This will be a very competitive team with the financial backing that will eliminate fundraising and enable us to travel to places like Florida, Ontario and Alberta to compete in the highest level tournaments with travel and accommodations mostly if not completely paid for. If you have any interest at all, please visit our Facebook page “Saskatchewan Smoke Slo-Pitch” and sign up for the Oct 1 tryouts. Looking for great ball players with even better attitudes.

Alfredo Valenzuela - posted: 09/14/2022
    Phone 613-222-5723

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